Who is LMS?

LMS is the specialist in standard solutions for corporate legal work. Our legal consultants make sure that your corporate legal department is able to outsource recurring and/or non legal work efficiently. Your colleagues get more time to work on important matters. Our unique focus and the use of state-of-the-art technology enables us to do the work faster and better than any other legal service provider.

Currently, we offer standard solutions for:

How does it work?

The core of our service is the efficient analytics and management of corporate legal information. Our services provide you the best reports and dashboard. We ensure that you will stay on top of all important legal matters. We make sure that you will not loose contracts, miss deadlines, and comply with rules and regulations. 


Who is using our services?

We work for both small SME without an internal legal department and large multinational organizations with tens of internal counsel and thousands of new contracts every year. Besides that, we have clients that outsource all their legal matters to us and companies that only use our service to manage a single contract category like lease agreements.


Why not do it yourself?

The reason to outsource your legal work to us is simple. Due to our unique focus on the administrative process of legal information are we able to do the work faster, better and for less money than any other service provider including your own staff. We make sure that your colleagues will get more time and better insights to do their job.