Entity Management

Making sure that the information on the business’ legal entities is readily available and correct is essential for any legal department. You simply can’t execute your responsibilities efficiently and effectively without it. We will set you up with the right technology, workflows and trained staff. By having the right information at all times the data will actually provide strategic management information and will become a valuable management tool, all made readily available in your dashboard and quarterly reports.


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Legal Manager Services

LMS is the specialist in standard solutions for corporate legal work. Our entity management specialists use the best legal tech to ensure that we provide you the best practice. Because we do the same work for multiple clients, we are able to continuously invest in the optimization of the entity management process.

All the management information you need


For each category of contracts we manage for you, we provide you a standard dashboard with an overview of the key management information.


LMS gives you 24/7 secure access to digital copies of your contracts. Besides that, we will provide you all the contract reports necessary to run you business.


Our contract management service makes sure that you and your colleagues will receive automatic notification for expirations and other important dates.

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